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Sit down, make yourself at home, light an incense stick and brew your favourite tea leaves. Can you smell that? Right, the smell of our tearoom….We are the longest working tearoom in Zvolen and its surroundings, as well as one of the oldest tearooms in Slovakia.

tel. č. : +421 904 335 050,  +421 905 265 386
email: info@cajovnanazamku.sk
Námestie SNP 1
Zvolenský zámok
96 001, Zvolen

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Tea Offerings

Menu of Prepared Teas

We welcome you most  heartily to our modest tearoom, as well as to its virtual version. We believe that you will choose from our rich offerings some tea which is closest to your heart and taste.

Some notes about our menu:

The standard quantity of one portion is 0.5l, unless stated otherwise. For such a quantity, 5g of dry leaves are used. The tea for a  multiple brewing is served in a teapot with a minimum volume of  0.15l, and 5g of dry tea leaves . One portion is for a maximum of 3 people, unless stated otherwise. Thank you for respecting  this. To make Zhong we use at least 3g of dry teal leaves.  We only make Zhong  for  lone tea drinkers.


The tea  offer  from various  world regions:

GruzínskoČínaJaponskoTureckoMarokoIndia - NepálCeylonKeňaAmerikaTchajwanVietnamAfrika

Čína, Japonsko - Vietnam - Tchajwan India - Nepál - Ceylon Gruzínsko - Turecko - Keňa Aromatizované čaje Nečaje Ajurvédske - bylinné čaje