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Sit down, make yourself at home, light an incense stick and brew your favourite tea leaves. Can you smell that? Right, the smell of our tearoom….We are the longest working tearoom in Zvolen and its surroundings, as well as one of the oldest tearooms in Slovakia.

tel. č. : +421 904 335 050,  +421 905 265 386
email: info@cajovnanazamku.sk
Námestie SNP 1
Zvolenský zámok
96 001, Zvolen

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Sometime in 1994 I went to Prague with my friends to hear a lecture, held at the Lucerna Palace, by Eduard and Míla Tomáš. There was some time left, so we were wandering along Wenceslas Square when we noticed a passage which read „Dobrá čajovna – Good tearoom“. I had no an idea that such a venue could exist. Although I been drinking tea before that, the place was a cultural shock for me. Without much thinking we picked two kinds of tea, unfortunately I do not remember which ones, and, truly charmed, we went to the lecture. At that time, somewhere in the streets of Prague, I bought my first dorge and I carried it with me everywhere for a very long time. After coming back home I kept telling evrybody how great it would be to have a tearoom in Zvolen. I was asking people whether they might be interested in establishing it since I had never pictured myself as an enterpreneur.

In 1997, my girlfriend´s schoolmate Tončo asked me if we ourselves couldn‘t set up a tearoom . I remember clearly that I was having breakfast when the phone rang and he came up with that idea. ”A fool!” I told myself, but because I like foolish things, we went for it. I got the license and then we started looking for a room. As we were walking down the square with the Zvolen castle ahead of us yet another foolish idea struck me, “Let´s go and ask if there is a room to rent at the castle--it would be an amazing environment.“ And they did have a room. Tončo, a recent furniture and interior design graduate, started immediatelly designing the interior. Later he and his brother actually built the whole interior. Everything turned out well, and the tearoom was opened in November.

We were taught to make tea in the Prague tearoom „Amana“, from which we bought and still buy tea. During the first years we used to smuggle the tea in backpacks. We would take the train, buy the tea and take the train back. The same question was always asked at the border, „Anything to declare?“ and the same answer given, „Oh, no! Of course not!“ Over time, we built up our own know-how, which we have offered to other tearooms, and we also helped to establish several tearooms in Bratislava.

Today, as I am writing this text, our tearoom has become a true teenager, exactly 15 years old. Tončo left many years ago to follow his professional career, but he was well replaced by Alesko  The tearoom has brought up a few generations of tea lovers, some of whom started coming as secondary school students. They all have become friends, who like coming back even though their school days are long gone. The tearoom was designed mostly for people who are close to alternative kinds of art and culture so, to give the people with other preferences a place to enjoy tea, we established the second tearoom “Chay-Room”.

Tearoom at the castle - Zvolen
Tearoom at the castle - Zvolen
Tearoom at the castle - Zvolen